Sarah's Story

1999. Sarah moves to San Diego. Inspired by her grandparents bold story of overcoming the odds and establishing a legacy for her own, Sarah enrolls at SDSU and completes her studies. Eventually achieving an MSBA and quickly rising up the ranks in corporate leadership for a Fortune 100 company. 

A Bold Choice

"The Price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task." 

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Vince Lombardi


2002. Sarah met David Rhiley and married in 2004. Together they settled into the charming community of La Mesa and welcomed their first two daughters. In 2012, they welcomed their third daughter and together they chose to pause Sarah’s promising business career to become a stay at home mother. She used this opportunity to get more involved with the children’s school and community.

Begins in Northern California. One of 9 siblings, Sarah’s upbringing is the root of her passion for serving others. Inspired by her grandmother, Sarah knew an education was the key to success.

Dedicated to Education

Integrity. Choosing Courage over Comfort

2018. After welcoming their fourth little girl, Sarah made a commitment to herself to return to the workforce. She wants to be an inspiration to her girls, as her grandparents were for her. Over the last seven years, Sarah has seen the evolution of the LMSV School District and witnessed firsthand how these changes have affected students, teachers, and families in our community.

Progressive. Moving forward and Onward


2020. Representing the community and serving in public office has been Sarah’s goal for many years. She is a natural leader and advocate for the under-represented.  Sarah is involved in local policy issues and takes every opportunity to hear constituents and their points of view. The challenges 2020 has brought, combined by the opportunity for election in Trustee Area 4 and the looming opportunities for change in the horizon ignited a spark.  Trustee area 4 is the opportunity Sarah has been waiting for. It is time to seize this moment and put forward bold ideas for change to put families first.