Sarah's Vision

The La Mesa Spring Valley School District is full of potential.


Today, more than ever before, we need to be forward thinking - outside the box, progressive - in order to provide the best education for each student in their unique circumstance.

Family First

Family comes first. Whether you’re a military family, a blended family, a single parent, a dually employed household the list goes on…. Our families must come first. 


I am here with you. Living the daily angst of these uncertain times; unsure if my children are receiving the education they need, unsure if our employment will continue, unsure how this pandemic will affect us long term. We each cope with these fears differently and I cope by: learning, taking action, and doing what I can to care for those in need. 


There is a path forward. This uncertainty has ignited my passion to advocate for my family, to advocate for the children in my neighborhood, and the many others out there who can’t find their voice.  I understand the hardships parents are facing - how to balance work and coordinating learning activities, zoom calls, asynchronous learning, social and emotional well-being of our children and ourselves, and longing for the experiences we may have taken for granted just a few months ago. 


The reality being: what works for me, may not work for you. And that is okay. I will be your advocate. I want to hear from you; I will be proactive and strive to be available and approachable for all constituents. I will listen to your questions, concerns, and suggestions. There is no “one size fits all” solution, but there is one shared goal: “Putting Families First”.

Parents want choice. Choice increases engagement, strengthens 

communities, empowers advocacy, and leads to student success. Trustee area 4 has been disproportionately affected by limitations in choice, arbitrary boundaries, and inequity in academic performance. Parents should feel empowered to choose the school that best fits their student’s needs and aspirations.


When districts create new and better public school options, it doesn’t make sense to limit the number of vulnerable students who can take advantage of them.  We should increase the amount and diversity of innovative programs so that every student has access to an individualized education that meets each student where they are at.


Now more than ever, schools should integrate support services to address issues ranging from physical health, emotional wellbeing, nutrition and poverty. Any public educational option that contributes to the holistic well-being of its students and their families is worthy of our support.

School Choice

I want our School District to not only weather this current storm, but to grow. To embrace this unprecedented opportunity and innovate. Now is the time for change! 


Our School Board has benefited from wise counsel from educators serving in Board leadership. I would bring a bold new perspective to the district by advocating for family centric policies driven by a business background and proven fiscal responsibility. 


In order to continue to grow, we need to offer more programs that compete with other local charter schools and districts.  It’s a Win-Win.  The students get a more engaging hands-on education and the District draws more students. 


Examples of programs I support are:


  1. Farm to School enriches the connection students have with fresh, healthy food and provides the nutrition needed to fuel our students. Farm to school empowers children and their families to make informed food choices while strengthening the local economy and contributing to vibrant communities. 

  2. Experiential Learning Opportunities focuses development of quality work and character rather than performance on a basic skills test.  Students demonstrate proficiency and deep understanding, critical thinking, and transfer knowledge and skills to lifetime tasks. 

  3. STEM, Language, and Vocational Academies provide lifelong transferable skills.  These stimulating environments are built upon collaborative, hands-on learning and promote problem solving skills. 

  4. Hybrid learning provides parental choice of approved curriculum, assigned experienced teachers over the academic career of the student, enrichment activities and social opportunities.